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Music is my life..♥

az egyetlen dolog amiről képes vagyok órákig beszélni.. a zene.♥♥♥

unatkoztam, úgyhogy úgy döntöttem rakosgatok be ide is néhányat a kedvenceim közül meg dalszöveg részleteket..xd

Top 3-as lista. 3 xdd



My body needs a hero
Come and save me
Something tells me you know how to save me
I've been feeling weird (oh)
Oh, I need you to come and rescue me..[;

A rap részt úgy bírom benne.*___*

Don't let me die young, I just want you to fatha' at my young
I just want you to be my docta, we can get it crackin' chiropractor, I, I, I, I know you can save me
And make me feel alive....




Uh, With everything happening today

You don't know whether you're coming or going

But you think that you're on your way

Lifeline dumped on the mirror, don't blow it

Look at me when I'm talking to you

You lookin' at me, but I'm lookin' through you

I see the blood in your eyes

I see the love in disguise

I see the pain hidden in your pride

I see you're not satisfied

And I don't see nobody else

I see myself..



Ezek totálisan hülyék..xDD (ŁŁŁ)

I can't dance
Not at all
In L.A.
We play the wall
I wanna dance
I can't do it
I can't dance
I'm too Jewish...

Yeah hava, I need some vodka, pina coladas, 'cause I can't dance to save my life!!! xDDD